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Why We Need a New Vision of Homeownership

We hold a lot of preconceived notions about homeownership. Some can be helpful, such as the idea that homeownership provides a sense of pride and fulfillment.  However, other preconceived notions can be harmful, and can keep people from taking the steps to leave renting behind.

If we are going to ensure that as many people as possible share in the dream of homeownership, we need to give people a vision they can buy into. Here are three outdated beliefs about homeownership, and why we need to leave that type of thinking behind.

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4 Questions You Must Ask to Achieve Your Goals

I have never met someone who didn’t want to achieve more. Our professional success depends on it. Yet we sometimes may think we need a roadmap to figure out how to reach our most elusive goals.

The truth of the matter is we all have an inner roadmap that knows exactly what to do. However, sometimes we must take some time to look inside of ourselves to discover it. Read on to find four questions that you must ask yourself to determine whether you are on the right path, and if not, which direction you need to go.

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How to Build Authentic Client Connections

While some people chase fads, I’ve always believed that the key to effective marketing is authenticity.  Not only do potential clients know when you’re not being genuine, but it’s almost impossible to be consistent if you’re not being yourself. 

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How We Can Help the 80 Percent

I’ve often found that consumers are optimistic at the start of the year. Many have new financial goals and some have made New Year’s Resolutions to improve their finances or become first-time homebuyers. But then February sets in and, for many, that optimism begins to fade.

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How Homeownership Can Rebuild a City

We often point out all of the ways that homeownership can help consumers. Yet we sometimes overlook how it can also literally transform cities. 

We all remember watching as Baltimore was rocked by protests against police violence in 2015. Baltimore has also suffered since the mortgage meltdown. However, we always knew that with homeowners as the backbone, Baltimore could withstand any challenge and thrive again. That’s why I’m so excited about Move Up in Baltimore, a program that seeks to expand homeownership in the city through the reuse of vacant, abandoned and/or foreclosed properties.

Recently we gave partners in Move Up in Baltimore a tour of some of the properties that are being rehabilitated for homebuyers. Read on to see how this program can be a model for transforming cities across the country.

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