Homebuyer Success Stories

Moving Beyond the Fear

Fear can be paralyzing. For Shaun, it nearly cost him his dream of becoming a homeowner.

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Lessons to last a lifetime

HomeFree-USA’s Center for Financial Advancement (CFA) is cultivating homeowners and housing professionals of the future. Meet Tiyanna S., our amazing intern:

"My time with HomeFree-USA exposed me to a side of the housing industry that I did not know existed. Not only was I able to hone my research, writing, and professional skills, but I am also leaving with knowledge about homeownership and financial literacy that I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life."

The Power of Inspiration

You never know when you’re going to be inspired. For Renee, inspiration struck in church. She was attending service when she heard a presentation from HomeFree-USA. At that moment, she felt the call to buy her own home.

A few months later, she decided to give HomeFree-USA a call. She knew that there was a lot involved with the homebuying process and she wanted to be as informed as possible. She wasn’t disappointed. Not only did HomeFree-USA tell her what initial steps to take, but they helped her find a lender and a real estate agent that would round out her homebuying team.

Her homeownership advisor also gave her tips to make the process run more smoothly. For example, when settlement time was approaching, she was advised to keep her spending low and avoid using credit.

As helpful as HomeFree-USA was to Renee when she was buying her home, HomeFree-USA has continued to be a resource for Renee as a homeowner. “Even today, they still call me to check up on me,” she says. “Once HomeFree-USA gets you in a home, they help you stay in that home.”

That’s all the inspiration Renee needs.

Homeownership Guidance On Your Terms

Tamika and Dexter understood the value of financial education. They also recognized how important homeownership coaching could be in their quest to buy their first home. However, the young couple wondered if they would be able to find the time to handle homeownership classes since they were both balancing hectic work schedules. That’s where HomeFree-USA stepped in.

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He Bought a House Instead

Ken went to the DC Home Expo to check his credit score and to shop for a car loan, but after stopping at HomeFree-USA's booth, he changed directions.

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HFUSA Had Their Perfect Mortgage Option

After 2 years as renters, Monet and Brian added up the cash they had spent on renting. The shocking amount propelled them to explore homeownership.


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Getting Her House in Order

Angela’s goal was to find security for her grown son when she was no longer around to help him. 

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A VA loan to the rescue

Coming home every day to her own fantastic townhome is a dream come true again and again for Ms. W.

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Inspired by others

Arlene was inspired by the success of two who worked with HomeFree-USA to purchase their first homes.

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Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving dinner was a special time for Lakisha and her 2 sons. She is the first in her family to be a homeowner. The family and friends who celebrated with her were dazzled.

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A Savings Boost

Dexter and Tamika aren't patient people. They desperately wanted to buy their first home, but progress moved very slowly. It was the process of improving their credit and saving for the down payment that felt painfully slow.

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A little advice goes a long way

The life-changing power of advice

For Tamara, coming to HomeFree-USA was a family affair. After hearing about how HomeFree-USA had helped her cousin maneuver through the homeownership process, she decided to give homeownership counseling a try. She was far from disappointed.

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A Picture Perfect Story of Homeownership

When artist Preston Sampson and his wife were expecting their first son, they knew that homeownership would give their growing family the foundation it needed. But there was one major problem. “I had no idea of how the homebuying process went,” Sampson says.

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A Solo Approach to Homeownership

Many women dream of meeting Prince Charming, starting a family and buying a home with a white picket fence. However, some single women are finding that it makes financial sense for the house to come first.

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The realization of an impossible dream

Pregnant and on her own at the age of 15, Shala believed that homeownership was for rich people and characters on TV. “Where I come from everyone thinks homeownership is unattainable,” she says. “Only if you’re a TV family can you realize such a goal.”

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The lender's view

Gabe understands VALUE.

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Steps to purchase a builder's home

When someone wants to buy a brand spanking new home, who looks out for the buyers’ interests?  The builder?  The builder’s lender? This has always been a subject of debate.

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What Renters Can't Do

If there’s one factor that contributes to Judanne’s happy nature and lifestyle, it’s being a homeowner.

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Sonja's Team Prevailed

Only a handful of tenacious women could have accomplished Sonja’s miracle modification.  Her story is one of amazing patience and undaunted persistence, and an inspiration to any single mom with mortgage challenges. 

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"Kimba" the White Lion

As a Washington DC native, Kim was nicknamed “Kimba” after the popular cartoon lion, and in 2000 she knew wanted to buy her first home in her DC childhood neighborhood.  Little did she know that her home would find her. 

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Miracle on a Baltimore Lane

Kim joyfully explained on the front porch of her gorgeous, new home that exactly 2 years ago she was living in a homeless shelter with her 2 children.  She added that she was also working on her master’s degree at the same time. So how could a successful, motivated and intelligent woman find herself in those circumstances?

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Lessons Learned

When asked what her greatest lesson was as a first time homebuyer, Ebony quickly answered, “Learning patience.”  And then she added, “I also learned to compromise.”

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Getting her financial house in order

Tracy listened with interest to a HomeFree-USA radio ad, quietly building up the courage to make a call.  The ad spoke of credit repair and the wisdom of saving for homeownership, and she knew she wanted both.

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Two times a charm

HomeFree-USA had the privilege of assisting Tim when he purchased his first small condo in the city.  Old credit issues had haunted him and his ability to get a mortgage was slim to none.

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Partners in the homebuying experience

At the encouragement of a few office colleagues -- other single women who had successfully navigated the home buying process -- Towanna called HomeFree USA to register for classes and seek home buying help. 

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From spenders to homeowners

Before Sara met Chris, she found it to be a joy to shoe shop and spend her wages freely, but when dating evolved into engagement and a wedding, it became apparent that the couple wanted to get serious about finding the perfect home to build their lives together.

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Homeownership at 23 years old

After watching her parents rent their entire lives, Latika Wesley, having a fascination with real estate,  knew she wanted to buy her first home sooner rather than later.

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Chante's 1st home

Chante did not know where to start when it came to buying her first home, but fortunately she had a college friend who guided her to a HUD approved housing counseling agency, HomeFree USA. 

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Next Generation of Homeowners

Shalonda and Christopher's precious baby girl may not realize how incredibly lucky she was in the birth lottery.  Her mom and dad did all of the right things.


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